Securing Your Cloud with Bespin Global MEA

COVID-19 May Slow You Down, But a Lapse in Security Can Put You OUT OF BUSINESS

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26th October 2020 – 1 PM GST

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating digital transformation.

As countries, companies, and individuals brace themselves for the “new normal,” expanding one’s digital capabilities is essential for survival.  

But in a rush to move workloads to the cloud, security is often one of the first areas to be compromised, raising several questions:

Who is in this discussion?

Together with his team of cloud experts, Mouteih Chaghlil, CEO of Bespin Global MEA and a cloud veteran, will discuss the unique security challenges facing companies today. They’ll also highlight the best practices, methodologies, and tools you need to protect your brand, clients, and employees.

Mouteih Chaghlil


Wael Al Aaraj

Operations Manager

Belal Akkawi

Senior Account Manager

Hamzeh Shaghlil

Technical Account Manager

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