IT Governance Business Service Monitoring


OpsNow ITG BSM is a platform that supports automated collection and analysis for measurement of information system performance of administrative and public institutions

Automated Diagnostic Platform


Diagnoses information system operation performance of administrative and public institutions

OpsNow ITG BSM Features

Advanced Dashboard

Enables users to grasp the entire information resource in a single pane by providing a block unit dashboard for each resource

Advanced Dashboard

Function Usage Status

Provides usage status measurement data, such as usage rate of detailed functions of a system

Function Usage Status

Work Usage Status

Calculates the usage frequency according to the measured usage status data

Work Usage Status

Why OpsNow ITG BSM?

Government Institutions Are Now Legally Obligated to Measure the Performance of Information System Operation.

In accordance with the guideline for performance management for e-government information system operation, this solution supports performance diagnosis of the administrative and the public institution’s information system operation as an automated platform.

1. Legal Basis

Management Guidelines for
Information System Operational Performance

  • Establishing the standards and procedures to be followed in determining the feasibility of the operation of the organization’s information system by the head of administrative institution pursuant to Article 45 (3) and (4) of the 「Electronic Government Act」(First established in Dec. of 2012)
2. Subjects of Application

Information system of administrative and public institutions that has been more than 3 years old as defined in Article 2 of Electronic Government Act

  • Organizations subject to measurement of information system operation performance (2017)
    – Central administrative agency and affiliated organizations (52)
    – Local government institutions (245)
    – Public institutions (232)
  • Number of information systems for measurement of operational performance (Year 2017)
    – 4,360
3. Application of Result

Evaluation of management competency

  • In evaluation of management competency and competent electronic government implementation, the results are reflected in the ‘Implementation of informatization project and performance management (3 points)’

Key Features of OpsNow ITG BSM

A platform dedicated to diagnosing function utilization of public institutions.
Supports both install and cloud type, and provides easy installation and easy management environment.

Dedicated Platform for Diagnosis of Function Utilization by Public Institutions
  • Provides function utilization diagnostic function
  • Diagnosis and linked utilization of performance of public institution’s EA perspective
Provides a Hybrid Environment
  • Provides both install and cloud-based versions
Provides Easy Installation and Management Environment
  • Provides service system by establishing integrated management server
  • Provides intuitive dashboard for users
Platform Based on e-Government Standards
  • Platform based on e-government framework
  • Provides service based on the standard security framework

OpsNow ITG BSM’s Area of Application

OpsNow ITG BSM is used throughout the maintenance and operation of information systems in public institutions.

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