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With Daria, a cloud-based machine learning tool, Bespin Global helps companies effectively apply machine learning to their existing services, regardless of their understanding of machine learning.

XBRAIN Daria Core Technology


A technique for applying machine learning (guidance learning) without human intervention.

XBRAIN Daria Features

Intuitive User Interface
  • Learning data management and automated data profiling
  • Data error correction and various data preprocessing
  • Easy data processing through graph
Automated Algorithm Selection and Hyper Parameter Optimization
  • Explore automated algorithms and hyperparameter combinations
  • Detailed interpretation page of learning results
  • Performance comparison based on various measurement criteria
Applying a Simple Model
  • Real-time / Batch Prediction through RESTful API
  • Real-time monitoring of model performances

XBRAIN Daria Benefits

Intuitive and Easy to Use Daria

The highly visualized interface and automated lab environment provided by Daria enables non-experts to easily apply machine learning and help data workforce minimize repetitive and exhaustive work processes.

Accelerated Learning and Verification Phases

Daria applies a large number of machine learning conditions to the user data and provides an environment for easy comparing/analyzing results, allowing you to review results more quickly.

Simple and Fast Application Process

Daria provides deployment and performance verification capabilities required to actually apply the machine learning model to the service, allowing the user to experience value quickly going beyond just the experiment.