Cloud Security

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Bespin Global and Penta Security provides you with a safer Cloud Environment.
The three elements of Information Security, Encryption, Web Security and Authentication Security are important in the Cloud.
Many companies are still concerned about the security issues regarding their Cloud adoption.
With Bespin Global and Penta Security, your worries about Cloud security are no longer a concern.

In addition to the complimentary security system of a Cloud provider, Bespin Global improves
customers’ Cloud security level with Web, Data and Authentication Security Technology
provided by Penta Security. In addition, Bespin Global provides a stable business environment to operate on.

Cloud Security Migration Services

Previously, customers had to build an on-premises type security solutions on their own.
In a Cloud environment, it can be built easily and quickly by through managed services.

If you are interested in a secure Cloud environment of Bespin Global and Penta Security, please inquire today.

Manage your cloud environment 24/7/365, with Bespin Global and  AhnLab.
Cloud security is a shared responsibility of cloud users and public cloud providers.
Bespin Global and AhnLab are responsible for ensuring the security of areas that are not covered by public cloud providers.

Cloud Service Provider

Basic services such as computing, storage and database

Network, CDN infrastructure

Components and Scope of Security Control Service

Controlled SubjectsCloud
Network-wide detection
(L3 to L7 layers)
Optimized for web attacks
(L7 layers)
Web Shell
Service specialized for Web Shell detection

  • Collecting / Analyzing using ESM

  • Processing SOC Ticket

  • Providing portal reports

Scope of WorkDetection of Intrusion AttemptsResponse to Infringement IncidentInformation ActivitiesSignature OptimizationIntrusion Prevention

  • 24/7 security control support

  • Event monitoring for security devices

  • Intrusion attempt analysis and response service

  • History management

  • 24/7 immediate support by personnel

  • Identify the cause and analyze the infringement path

  • Systematic response

  • Provide regular security trends and infringement case information

  • Provide advanced security content information such as Zero Day vulnerability

  • Optimize intrusion prevention system signatures for customer’s system environment

  • Analyze various threat information

  • Open Port inspection in outsiders’ perspective

Bespin Global and Trend Micro, a leading provider of server security, have joined to better protect the integrated cloud environment.
Optimized protection for public or hybrid cloud environments not only improves security, but also reduces complexity in management and operation of Bespin Global’s 24/7/365 managed services. Closely integrated modules make it easy to extend the platform to ensure the security of servers, applications, and data across the cloud and hybrid environments.

Cloud and Hybrid Integrated Infrastructure

Cloud and Hybrid Integrated Infrastructure

Deep Security Features

The cloud ensures flexibility, scalability,
and manageability of host-based security

CriteriaNetwork-basedHost(SW)-based (Deep Security)
Configuration MethodHardware Appliance (Inline / Tap)Software Agent (Inline / Tap)
Inter-VM Web traffic
VM Vulnerability ScanImpossibleProvides web, OS vulnerability scanning capabilities for each VM
Virtual PatchingImpossibleProvides web, OS vulnerabilities virtual patching capabilities for each VM
Integrated ManagementIntegrated management of multiple equipment typesProvides server and application visibility with equipment and VM integrated security management
Custom Tool SettingsSame policy on all serversCustomized settings based on server usage, OS, and app
PerformanceAnalyze traffic at the network layer and apply the detection tools included in all servers to create performance issuesOptimize performance by applying distributed analysis and essential detection tools to each server layer traffic
Impact of False PositivesMay occur on all servers if a false positive occursEven if a false positive occurs it occurs on only the server that has been applied
Failure ResponseInfluences all traffic if a security function failure occursOnly the affected server will be handled, not affecting other servers
Auto ScalingImpossible or limited quantityUnlimited scalability

Detailed Features

AntivirusProvides agentless or agent-based options, which integrate with VMware and other virtual environments.
Web VerificationIncreases security for web threats on servers and virtual desktops.
Protects users and applications by blocking access to malicious URLs with the utilization of web verification feature of Trend Micro's cloud security center (SPN).
Intrusion Detection (IPS)Protects against known vulnerabilities until a patch for exploit is applied.

  • Protects servers and applications from attacks that inject ransomware via exploit which make use of known software vulnerabilities and network attacks on infected users' file servers.

  • Detects and blocks C&C communication indicating attacks such as ransomware.

  • Provides timely protection against known and zero-day attacks.

  • Uses vulnerability rules to protect known vulnerabilities from exploit – e.g. Microsoft's monthly release of vulnerability reports

  • Provides ready-to-use vulnerability protection for over 100 applications, including database, web, email, and FTP servers.

  • Provides rules that automatically block newly discovered vulnerabilities such as Shellshock and Heartbleed in a matter of hours and can be pushed to thousands of servers without rebooting the system.

  • Improves visibility or control of applications that access the network. Detects malicious software accessing the network and reduces vulnerability exposure of server.

FirewallReduces exposure of physical and virtual servers to attacks.

  • Server firewall policies are centrally managed using bi-directional stateful firewalls.

  • Supports virtual machine zoning and blocks DoS attacks.

  • Broadly supports detailed filtering of all IP based protocols, frame types, ports, IP and MAC addresses.

Integrity CheckDetects and reports in real time when a file or system experiences malicious or unexpected changes.

  • Detects suspicious behavior of malicious software such as ransomware accessing data center (e.g. from user to file server). Deep Security detects and stops suspicious activities and reports notifications about security issues.

  • Monitors application files and key operating systems such as directories, registry keys and values ​​to detect and report malicious or unexpected changes in real time.

  • Enhances the security of virtual machines without taking up additional space through the agentless method.

  • Protects your hypervisor from exploits with innovative hypervisor integrity check technology.

  • Reduced administrative effort with reliable event tags which automatically replicate activity for the same event throughout the data center.