Blockchain Cloud

블록체인 클라우드


Blocko Coinstack and Bespin Global provide a full-stack solution, from the infrastructure needed to build a blockchain network, to application development and operation.

Digital Identity

Encryption, storage, authentication of personal information
(e.g. FIDO, biometric, SSO, Oauth, etc.)


Time stamp, authentication & management of electronic documents

Connected Things

Device identification, authentication and control solution for smart contract-based IoT environment

Smart Contracts

Smart contract consolidation for setting, managing and executing business rules

Asset Trading

Intermediate platforms for a variety of assets including stocks, real estate, virtual money, and energy

Blocko Solutions

Coinstack Blockchain

Private blockchain, which enhances functionality and performance as a universal distributed ledger of enterprise environment based on Bitcoin Blockchain (BTCD)

Coinstack Storage

Distributed database, data analysis solution with DLT-based distributed file system

Coinstack Identity

Personal authentication (FIDO, biometric authentication, OAuth, etc.), electronic document authentication and certificates management/security solution

Coinstack Things

Smart Contract-based device identification, authentication and control solution for establishment of IoT environment

Coinstack Assets

Intermediate platform for registration and trading of various assets such as stocks, virtual money, real estate, and energy.

Coinstack Smart Contract

Ethereum Smart contract integrated for setting, managing and executing business rules

Coinstack e-Voting

Digital voting solution with Smart Contract function ensures transparency of secret ballot and its counting

Coinstack Distribution

A SCM solution that provides the functions of production, processing, distribution and traceability (PLM) of goods

Coinstack Architecture

Blocko’s Coinstack is the basis for building robust and reliable blockchain services.

1. dApp (MVC Layer)

Creates and searches blocks and transactions, validates and records data for smart contracts.

2. Coinstack (Service Layer)

Verifies the generated blocks and transactions and performs the algorithm of agreement.

3. Blockchain Ledger Data (Data Layer)

Stores data and business logic implemented in a blockchain in a distributed ledger.