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AWS offers more than 120 cloud services in 23 areas including compute, storage, database, analytics, networking, developer tools and IoT etc.
Learn more about the seven solutions in five areas that are the most used and have variety practices for your business innovation.

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Database Services
Amazon Aurora
Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible relational database engine that combines all the capabilities of commercial databases with those of open source databases. Bespin Global provides new Aurora implementations and help customers migrate to Amazon Aurora, enabling them to utilize the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases, coupled with the simplicity, scalability and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. We provide new implementations and migrations for both Amazon Aurora MySQL and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.

Amazon RDS
Amazon RDS is a web service that facilitates setting, operating and scaling a relational database in the cloud. RDS manages complex and time-consuming administrative tasks such as open-source database software installation and upgrades, storage management, replication for high availability and read throughout, and backups for disaster recovery. Bespin Global delivers new implementations and migration on Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL server. Bespin Global also helps AWS customers with implementing database security by enabling access controls via AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to define users and permissions.

AWS Database Migration Service
AWS Database Migration Service is a software tool for migrating on-premise databases to AWS easily and securely while minimizing application downtime. AWS Database Migration Service supports both homogeneous migrations such as Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations such as Oracle to MySQL. An administrator can access the AWS DMS from the AWS Management Console, in which the administrator can define the database source and the designated transfer point. The console also allows replication tasks to begin in minutes, and monitors the data replication process, providing the administrator with performance data in real-time. Bespin Global provides AWS customers with data migration services based on their current use of commercial databases and help reduce the duration of database transfers without any interruption to the source database.
Compute Services
Amazon EC2 for Windows Server
Amazon EC2 for Windows Server is a secure, reliable, and high-performance environment for deploying Windows-based applications and workloads. AWS customers can provision instances quickly, and scale up or scale down as you need it, while only paying for what you use. Amazon EC2 running Windows Server provides seamless integration with existing Amazon EC2 features like Amazon Elastic Block Stone (EBS), Amazon CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing, and Elastic IPs. Bespin Global enables AWS customers to provision instances only when they need to deploy Window-based applications and workloads on any environment.
Networking and Content Delivery Services Amazon CloudFront is a web service that speeds up distribution of static and dynamic web content, such as websites, APIs, video content or other web assets. CloudFront is Amazon’s global content delivery network (CDN) service through a worldwide network of data centers called edge locations. By routing the user to the edge location with the lowest latency (time delay), CloudFront provides an easy way to accelerate content to end users with the best possible performance. Customers can also increase reliability and availability because data files are cached in multiple edge locations around the world through interconnections of edge locations to the AWS backbone network. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Bespin Global provides technical support for CloudFront for AWS customers. By helping customers deploy Amazon CloudFront, Bespin Global enable developers and businesses an easy way to optimize performance, accelerate content and reduce costs.
Serverless Computing Service
AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda is a compute servicing tool that allow AWS customers build or migrate their solutions to a microservices architecture running on serverless computing, which lets you build services and applications without provisioning or managing servers. AWS Lambda executes your code only when needed and scales automatically, from a few requests per day to thousands per second. Because AWS Lambda runs your code on a high-availability compute infrastructure and performs all of the administration of the compute resources, such as server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning and automatic scaling, code monitoring and logging, all you need to do is supply your code in one of the languages that AWS Lambda supports. Bespin Global supports multiple native runtimes for AWS Lambda (need specific information on what runtime languages Bespin provides) for customers to build platforms and applications. As a result, Bespin Global is helping AWS customers with improving service performance, scalability and reducing operational costs.

Amazon DynamoDB
AWS DynamoDB is a fully managed, fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all applications that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. Because DynamoDB offloads administrative tasks of operating and scaling a distributed database, AWS users do not have to worry about hardware provisioning, setup and configuration, replication, software patching, or cluster scaling. As DynamoDB automatically offers encryption of all stored data, it is simple and cost-effective to serve any level of request traffic. All data items are stored on solid-state drives, which provide high I/O performance and can more efficiently handle high-scale requests. AWS users can use the AWS Management Console to monitor resource utilization and performance metrics, and integrate with other AWS services through DynamoDB API. Bespin Global provides solution architects with expertise in DynamoDB to offer AWS customers scalable and fully self-managed NoSQL database. Through the services of AWS DynamoDB, Bespin can also provide on-demand backup capability that allows for long-term retention and archival for regulatory compliance needs. Customers can also enable point-in-time recovery to protect your data from any accidental write or delete operations.
Analytics Services
Amazon Kinesis
AWS Kinesis is a web-based platform for streaming data on AWS in real time, capable of processing hundreds of terabytes per hour from high volumes of streaming data and enabling customers to build custom streaming data applications (Kinesis Data Stream Applications) for business-specific needs. As Kinesis Data Stream Applications read data from a data stream as data records, customers can utilize Kinesis Client Library to send processed records to dashboards, generate alerts, dynamically change pricing and advertising strategies or send data to a variety of other AWS services.
As AWS Kinesis Data Streams is utilized for rapid and continuous data intake and aggregation, there are various types of data processed such as IT infrastructure log data, application logs, social media, market data feed, and web clickstream data.