Bespin Global MEA is proud to support the Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Bespin Global has been recognized for its numerous competencies by Amazon Web Services, and we have established ourselves as the leading AWS professional group in Korea, China and Middle East.

Reliable AWS Migration
  • A dedicated AWS team takes ownership for a reliable migration to AWS.
  • Based on customer’s requirements, we perform the migration of major workloads, such as databases and applications, quickly and reliably, and without impacting the customer’s business.
Build a Hybrid Environment
  • We securely and quickly connect the customer’s data center to AWS environment through Amazon Direct Connect and Amazon Virtual Private Network (VPN).
High Availability
  • We ensure stability and availability of the system through Multi-AZ configuration and auto-scaling.
  • Internally developed self-service portal (OpsNow) allows us to systematically manage and track AWS’s complex and rapidly changing billing methods. It allows customers to insure workloads running in the cloud are cost optimized and they are benefiting from AWS different pricing models.

Bespin Global’s Services for a Better AWS Experience

Enhanced Services for Your AWS Experience

Managed AWS
  • Managed services
  • Always supported
  • 24/7/365 monitoring/operation supported
  • Prompt issue response
  • Broad support from IaaS to PaaS
  • Manage hybrid environment
  • Manage resources by service group
  • Advanced monitoring (including network/application)
  • Cost optimization and forecasting
  • Improve IT service workflow
Cloud Governance
  • Establish the overall governance structure of the customer by defining goals, scope of service, and criteria to be achieved through the cloud, and by detailing procedures and processes such as user roles and user access rights
Cloud Security
  • Establish security system across cloud firewall, data encryption, user access control, and endpoint security
Cloud Solutions
  • Provide various solution offerings that can be implemented in the cloud including backup/DR, blockchain, machine learning, and marketing solution