Integrated Support System

통합 지원 체계


Bespin Global Operates Customer’s Mission-Critical Business Environment With High-Level of Availability and Stability.

Prompt Online Support
  • Customer verification and request acceptance to fix errors
  • Service request
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Support via phone, message, and email
  • SW / HW support
  • ITIL escalation process - SLA compliance
Customer-Oriented Service Delivery
  • Cloud design establishment
  • PoC for Cloud migration
  • Support solution architect
  • Windows, Linux, and Unix management
  • Data center H/W management
  • Dashboard control
  • Security service
Detailed Monitoring Support & Prompt Response to Errors
  • 24/7 Monitoring (Hybrid & Multi-Cloud)
  • Hybrid service based on a scenario
  • Notification service (phone, SMS, email)
  • Log analysis
  • ITIL Support Tool
Quick and Simple Mobility Support From Anywhere in the World
  • Mobile service desk
  • Mobile monitoring service
  • Mobile metering
  • Mobile alert services
Various Technical Support
  • IaaS / PaaS / SaaS operation
  • Resource Management
  • Legacy system operation
  • Backup and DR environment operation
  • Technical support

Near 100% Availability

Service Availability for Managed Service Customers

Global Integrated Support System