Cloud Concierge Service

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Cloud Concierge Service

Cloud management and support that provides customer-oriented, customized services,
just like a hotel concierge service by assigning experienced Cloud technicians dedicated to you.

Cloud Concierge Service Composition

Support Account Manager
  • Remote support and regular visits by product
  • Understand customer’s IT and operating environment
  • Inspect progress and updates
  • Incident (error) handling and escalation for critical error situations (separate SLA)
  • Report and submit technical support results
  • Technical support visits upon request (Travel time included in technical support time, separate SLA)
Technical Support
  • Error handling process provided
  • 24/7, 365 days error handling support
  • AWS / Azure / GCP Q & A support
  • AWS / Azure / GCP Case Open agency
Consulting Support Assistance
  • Review and train new product features (time and frequency are negotiated)
  • AWS / Azure / GCP consulting advisory support
  • Quarterly Architecture Review and Right Sizing consulting support

Cloud Concierge Service Scope

Support Account ManagerService Provision MethodManaged Cloud
Cloud Concierge EnterpriseDedicated staff assignedOn-site visit + remotePublic Cloud
Cloud Concierge EssentialShared pool managementRemote
(Visits upon request after separate payment)
Public Cloud

Service Details of Cloud Concierge Products

Service DetailsDelivery time /
Cloud Concierge EnterpriseCloud Concierge Essential
Remote supportIncident management and processing requirements through remote supportAlways
Visit supportRegular visits to meet customer requirements and for operational reviewWhen necessary

(Separate fee if necessary)
Status propagationEscalation for critical error situationsAlways
Technical support reportReport and submit technical support resultsOn occurrence
On occurrencePeriodic
Error handling support Supports 24/7, 365 days error handling support upon error occurrenceAlways
(1.5x fee after Business Hours)
Q&A supportProvide in-house knowledge on problems in Cloud operationAlways
Case Open 대행Agency for Case Open when it is needed upon Cloud operationAlways
(1.5x fee after Business Hours)
Introduction of new featuresReview feature of new product launched by Cloud service providerWhen necessary
Training for new featuresTrain feature of new product launched by Cloud service providerWhen necessary×
Consulting advisory supportSupport for systematic technical consulting for migration and Cloud operations per Cloud service provider when it is neededWhen necessary
(Separate fee if necessary)
Service inspectionMonthly service review report for Cloud operationPeriodicMonthlyUpon request
Architecture reviewIntegrated review through Best Practice and Well ArchitectureQuarterly
Right SizingRight Sizing consulting support for instances used by customersQuarterly
(Separate fee if necessary)
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