Managed Service

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What is Cloud Managed Service?

Managed cloud services refers to outsourcing daily IT management for cloud-based services and technical support to automate and enhance your business operations. Cloud-optimized technical support automates repetitive IT services and handles issues or errors promptly upon occurrence.

Most companies that have just migrated to a Cloud environment or have no experience in operating Cloud often struggle because of the differences in the Cloud environment and on-premise environments. Based on 24/7 support system and a wide range of support, Bespin Global’s professional Cloud management team stably operates the customer’s Cloud computing, security, network, backup, and applications.

See How Hanwha Techwin Reduced Error Time By More Than 96% With Bespin Global’s Managed Services.

See how Hanwha Techwin reduced error time by more than 96% with Bespin Global’s managed services.

Why Bespin Global’s Managed Service is Different

Cost Reduction

By utilizing our Cloud-specialized staff at Bespin Global, you can reduce the overhead of re-training your IT team or recruiting staff  to move to the Cloud.

Secured Future Technology

IT technologies change rapidly, and this is especially true for Cloud-related technologies. With a limited IT staff, it’s difficult to stay ahead of these changes. Bespin Global provides fast-changing Cloud technology in a customer-optimized format with more than 100 cloud operation teams specialized in each area.

Service Design That Matches Business Growth

Unlike on-premise services which require full payment for all products and services, you can pay for services according to the size and growth rate of your business in a monthly payment plan, and change the scope and system of services as your business changes.

Integrated Support Services

In addition to the IaaS and PaaS areas provided by a Cloud service provider, we provide a wide range of services, including application and network monitoring, backup, and DR.

Prompt Response

We operate 24/7 and provide prompt response to issues, and handle errors that occurs anytime, anywhere, through support systems in Korea as well as in China, US, and Europe. Our high availability is over 99.99%, well beyond the SLA, and that is what makes Bespin Global’s managed service hard to beat.