Start-up Consulting

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When Startups Work With Bespin Global – Amazing Things Happen.

“The biggest mistake I made when I started my business was buying a server instead of using a cloud computing solution.”
– Bret Taylor, former CTO of Facebook

Difficulty with a small number of people to manage both business operations and IT infrastructure at the same time
The high cost and IT developers’ time for server expansion and operation
Inefficient fault and error response
The Solution Lies in the Cloud.
Bespin Global Will Help to Solve All Your IT Troubles.
Bespin Global Offers Customized Benefits for Startups Seeking to Introduce the Cloud.
Consulting on Cloud Implementation

If you do not have cloud experience, or if you think introducing cloud would be difficult due to a lack of internal resources, build a reliable infrastructure with customized consulting from Bespin Global.

Infrastructure Management and Monitoring

Bespin Global’s cloud management platform OpsNow provides you with systematic infrastructure management services such as IT asset management, monitoring and metering.

Customized Benefits for Startups

If you are a tech startup, you will be listed as a partner of Bespin Global and given the opportunity to accelerate growth through sales and marketing support.

Bespin Global Joins Startups to Take on the Challenge

Numerous startups are working with Bespin Global and realizing the dream of success.
Join us on the fast track to success – the cloud world guided by Bespin Global.
Now you can make your own success story.


Mobile game developer


Social networking service


Game media platform


Location based search and recommendation services for restaurants

Bespin Global is Working With More Outstanding Startups With its Solution Collaboration.

Startup that provides ‘Daria’, a cloud-based machine learning tool.

Startup specialized in Blockchain platform.
Provides a private blockchain solution called ‘Coinstack’.