Digital Transformation

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A Strategic Approach at All Stages of Implementing and Operating the Cloud.

Companies choose Digital Transformation in order to survive, and choose to be on the Cloud in order to get ahead.
Bespin Global designs-builds-operates-optimizes customer’s cloud IT environment, and helps those that choose digital transformation reduce trial-and-error, cost and time in speeding up their innovation.

Strategic Consulting

We identify and define IT issues in complex AS-IS situations, and recommend a custom Cloud infrastructure strategy based on Cloud governance.

Bespin Global’s Know-How, Experience, Standard Cloud Governance, and Methodology

  • Analyze the customer’s needs
  • Analyze their legacy system and current environment
Recommend Methodology & Advanced Cases
  • Suggest methodologies and procedures
  • Diagnose and resolve problems
  • Provide best practices
  • Define scope of migration
Establish Plan for Cloud Implementation
Establish Short and Long Term Strategies & Operational Governance
  • Develop strategies for implementation
  • Establish Cloud operation governance
  • Derive infrastructure CAPEX and OPEX

Choosing the Right Type of Cloud Services and Solutions

There are a number of Cloud service providers, and each Cloud service provider is different.
Bespin Global provides a full Multi-Cloud service that spans not only IaaS but also the PaaS domain according to your business needs, based on our expertise in a number of different Cloud service providers.
From Cloud selection, design, and recommending optimal solutions for achieving business goals, we are involved in the whole process of your digital transformation.

Bespin Global’s Multi-Cloud Service

Do You Wish to Compare the Cloud More Objectively?

Solutions for Digital Transformation

Cloud Migration

There are a number of options for migrating to the Cloud. You can migrate your on-premise applications in a ‘Lift-and-Shift’ method, through virtualization or redesigning your applications to be based on a Cloud environment. You should identify the pros and cons of each and choose the approach that best suits your company’s environment. Bespin Global analyzes the customer’s environment and business goals, to design and implement the most appropriate migration method.

Which Application Migration Suits My Business?

Cloud Implementation and Operation

With more than 99.9% uptime availability and 24/7 monitoring, Bespin Global operates your Cloud environment stably, manages your Cloud costs and new features, using OpsNow, our robust Cloud management platform. In addition, we provide billing, cost management, additional governance options, and alarm features to respond to a variety of events.

Process Automation & DevOps Implementation

Transferring to a DevOps environment means you can shorten development and verification, and enter the market more quickly. With proven tools and solutions, Bespin Global helps the process of developing and distributing applications-establishing test environments-continuous management and operations, and reduce unnecessary work by automating processes.

Successful Cases of Cloud-Based Digital Transformation