DevOps Environment Implementation

DevOps 환경 구현


We Design DevOps Environments Based On Our Knowledge, Experience, and Insight.

Transferring to a DevOps environment means you can shorten development and verification, and enter the market quickly.

Changing of Development and Operation Environments Through DevOps

Bespin Global, the MSP Optimized for DevOps and the Cloud

  • Knowledge and experience working with the various native features of the Cloud
  • Deep knowledge and experience of the DevOps tool
  • Understanding the DevOps philosophy: Open + Collaboration
  • Ability to operate and manage Cloud infrastructure by creating and applying code

Automation is a way to secure process efficiency by using a system instead of human labor, and thereby minimizing human error.
Traditional infrastructure management processes and tools cannot support a self-servicing environment.
Bespin Global establishes an automation environment to improve customer productivity by securing process efficiency, reducing costs, and improving workflows based on experience with automation solutions in OpsNow and DevOps.

Learn More About the OpsNow Automation Management Feature.