Cloud Security

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We Protect Your Environment With An End-to-End Security Service.

Cloud service providers are responsible for the security of your Cloud infrastructure, but the security of the application, database, and network that are running on it are the responsibilities of the user.

This requires visibility of all activities, identifying of unusual behaviors, and detecting threats. Data security and user access control should also be taken into consideration.

Bespin Global uses a variety of tools and features in the Cloud to build an overall security system, from Cloud firewall, data encryption, user access control, and endpoint security.

Shared Responsibility Model

Amazon Web Services

CUSTOMERCustomer's area
Bespin Global’s area
Customer Data
Platform, Applications, Identity & Access management
Operating system, Network & Firewall Configuration
Client-side Data Encryption & Data Integrity AuthenticationServer-side Encryption (File system AND/OR Data)Network Traffic Protection (Encryption/Integrity/Identity)
AWS GLOBAL InfrastructureRegionsEdge Locations
Availability Zones

Bespin Global Establishes a Robust Security System Based on Proven Security Solutions.