Cloud Migration

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Successful, Systematic and Stable Migration Based on Methodology and Best Practices Through Years of Experience and Know-How.

A case study of a corporate-affiliate resort that has successfully transferred 18 workloads in only six months.

  • Recommend optimal cost and operational efficiency based on customer requirements
  • Stable and accurate project execution ability based on years of experience in Real IDC operations and data center transfer projects
  • Provides various manuals from infrastructure configuration to service operation

Application Migration

We analyze your requirements, environment, and goals among five migration methodologies, and recommend the most optimal migration method.


Can be used to perform large-scale migration quickly and save about 30% in cost using the ‘Lift and Shift’ method, without redesigning the application.

Refactoring, Revising

Migrations that require transferring to a new platform by adjusting some parts without changing the core structure of the application. Example of a case of a global media company transferring hundreds of web servers operated on-premise to the Cloud. In this case, WebLogic (a Java application container) was transferred to the open source Apach Tomcat, saving over 1 million dollars in licensing costs.


Redesigning the application to Cloud-native which is a Cloud-optimized structure. Suitable for companies that require scalability, business continuity, and flexibility, such as server-less architectures and e-commerce. There is some time needed to redesign, but the effort compared to business impact is sizable.


Replacing an existing application with a SaaS application.
Example of a case of replacing a CRM operated in on-premise with a SaaS CRM, such as

DB Migration Service

Worried about transferring your database to the cloud?
Bespin Global’s expert DBA team will design a database for your business environment and migrate your database optimized for performance and TCO.

Establishing a DB Migration Strategy in an AWS Cloud Environment

1. Designing a Database That Fits the Service

Many businesses are operating for tasks that are not OLTPs with relational databases (RDBs), and often worry about the rising costs and limited flexibility. Bespin Global’s DBA team analyzes your business needs and objectives and designs a database optimized for your environment.

BusinessOLTPOLAPBig Data
Requirement \ DP TypeRDBDWNoSQL
Consistency, TransactionStrict requiredNot requiredNot required
PerformanceHighMass ProcessingUltra-high

2. Database Support For All, From IaaS to PaaS

We provide a database environment optimized to your needs after considering the advantages and disadvantages of each criteria. When operating a database in an IaaS environment, customers have the choice to make decisions, but maintenance such as patch upgrades is still the customer’s responsibility. On the other hand, in a PaaS environment, database operation, installation, and backup are provided in the cloud, which is convenient, but there are restrictions that greatly reduce the customer’s flexibility. Application optimization is something unavailable in both. Bespin Global’s DBA team designs and provides all aspects of the database from selection of database operating environment to installation, operation, and application optimization, tailored to the customer’s environment.

3. Open Source Database Support

When transferring commercial databases to an open source database, you can significantly reduce the cost of license purchases and upgrades while maintaining or improving performance. However, due to maintenance risks, many companies hesitate to transfer to open source. Bespin Global’s professional DBA team helps customers enjoy the benefits of open source databases through maintenance support.

Successful Cases of Cloud Migration