Big Data Cloud

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Is Your Big Data Piling Up? Bespin Big Data Cloud Lab Can Help.

Bespin Global’s specialists, comprised of data scientists and big data experts, will find the most effective data practices for your business needs.

Big Data Cloud Lab

1. Big Data Cloud Architecture & Strategy Consulting
  • Cloud Architecture Consulting
  • Provide strategies and roadmap for all processes from customer’s needs, analysis to architecture, design, construction, and operation
  • Analyze data and results with PoC
2. Build Big Data Analysis Platform
  • Build big data architecture based on the cloud
  • Build a fast and effective infrastructure based on demand
  • Utilize big data processing know-how including ETL, modeling and AI/ML
  • Develop big data analysis platforms
3. Cloud-Based Big Data Platform Operation
  • Handling large volume traffic
  • Real-time analysis of big data
  • Various message protocols
4. Develop Front-End and BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Develop server and front-end
  • Develop and design BI interface
5. Continuous Research on Big Data Related Technologies
  • Continuous PoC and test for rapidly evolving big data-related technologies
  • Continue to develop best practices and Use Cases to distribute them to customers

Our Technology

We use the best technology and experts at all layers of software development, including web, server front-end, distributed application configuration in cloud environment, and big data processing. We aim to create customer value at all stages of development.

Use Open Source and Proven Framework
Develop and Distribute Standardized API
(Open API)
Framework-Based Frontend Development
Big Data Processing Capability (Data Lake Based on AWS / Azure)
Development / Operation Collaboration of
Experienced, Professional Groups
MAS and Serverless Architecture for Service Distribution in Cloud Environment

AI Services

We utilize cloud-based AI modules to apply AI capabilities to your service platform.