Managed Subscription Services for AWS

Transfer your AWS Subscription to be managed by
Bespin Global

By transferring your AWS Subscription, you are entitled to an EXCLUSIVE 2% OFF on your AWS Bill instantly. 

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Why go for an AWS Managed Subscription with BESPIN GLOBAL?


 Bespin Global MEA team has demonstrated technical proficiency in AWS and proven customer success in many specialized areas. 

Discounts on AWS Marketplace

with proven AWS partnership levels, Bespin Global MEA is one of the few authorized to provide partner discounts on AWS Marketplace solutions. 


 located in the GCC region, Bespin Global MEA team can attend to your needs anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited Offerings

being a subscribed partner, our clients are eligible to receiving an AWS Programs every 6 months. (Such as WAR, security audits, Database freedom Migration)


How does BESPIN GLOBAL deliver AWS Managed Subscription Services? 

Once you authorize us, your part here is done!
The Bespin Global team will process everything starting with moving your existing AWS account to Bespin Master Billing Account, while your root account remains in your ownership. You will then be able to view your billing & invoicing details through OpsNow and receive and settle your payments through Bespin Global. 

How will I move my AWS billing to Bespin Global?
Once the agreement is signed, you will receive an invitation to join Bespin Global AWS Organization. Upon confirming, your usage will start billing under our organization.

How will I pay my Bespin Global Invoices?
Bespin Global has a UAE based bank account (Emirates NBD) for its regional clients. 

Which email address will I get the invitation on?
The invitation mail on the registered root account email for each AWS Account you own

Does Bespin add any margin on AWS subscription? 
No, we in-fact apply a 2% discount on your entire bill.

Should all accounts be moved together?
No, accounts can be moved gradually.

Is there any minimum commitment period? 
No there is not. 

Can I go back to direct subscription with AWS? 
Yes, you simply unlink your AWS root account from the Bespin master billing account.

Are there any exit fees or hidden fees?
No, there not exit fees or any hidden fees. 

Will I be able to access my usage, bills & AWS cost Explorer?

Customers will use OpsNow instead of AWS standard tools to review this information.

How can I verify that Bespin Invoices are in-line with my AWS usage? 
You still access your AWS console to verify your usage and cross check against AWS pricing. 

Can I apply Service Control Policies (SCP) on my accounts?
Yes, Accounts can be under one or several Organizational Units (OU) with SCP attached to them​​

What are the payment terms?
Invoices are sent monthly in arrears with a 30-day payment terms.

Is there any contract or agreement to sign? 
Yes, you need to sign a reseller agreement. 

Which period will the billing cover once I join?
Billing with Bespin Global will start from the moment your account joins our organization, any outstanding invoices and\or usage between the date of the last AWS invoice you received and the date you joined Bespin Global organization will be charged using the previous method.

Can a customer have his own AWS Organization\Administrative Root?
Due to limitation in how we can manage and control these accounts, such an option is not available. For enterprise customers with large number of accounts or complicated organizational\compliance a separate AWS Organization can be created yet ownership of master account stays under Bespin Global.

Can I use OpsNow to manage my other cloud subscriptions? 
The tool is capable, but you need to consult your Bespin account manager to verify if your other cloud subscription can be managed.

Do you have access to my Data? 
No. We do not have any IAM roles and will only access your AWS usage.

What happens if Bespin doesn’t pay AWS on behalf of the end customer?
You as the end customer have not responsibility towards AWS and will not be held liable.

What happens if the end Customer doesn’t pay Bespin?
The payment terms are 30 days from Invoice date.  If the payment is not cleared 60 days from invoice date, your account is at risk of suspension.

I have credits in my AWS account, will they be effected?
They will not be effected and you will continue to consume them towards your AWS consumption.