21 February 2018

Bespin Global announced on the 21st that it acquired the ‘AWS 200 Certificated’ logo for the first time in Korea.

AWS classifies 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 units according to the number of AWS qualifications of employees in APN and uses the logo accordingly. Among the qualifications Bespin Global currently possesses, the number of professional qualifications is the largest among domestic APN companies, which was achieved in about 10 months since acquiring the ‘AWS 100 Certificated’ logo for the first time among Korean AWS MSP companies in April last year.

AWS qualifications are divided into cloud experts, architects, developers, operations, and specializations, each of which has an Associate level qualification and a Professional level qualification. AWS Certified Certification is a certification that certifies IT professionals with the expertise and technical skills necessary to design, deploy, and operate applications and infrastructure within the AWS cloud environment. The AWS Certified Certification is an industry-recognized certification that demonstrates cloud knowledge and enhances credibility, and is valued in common in the global cloud industry. Professional level qualifications must have Associate level qualifications in place and can only be earned by meeting a number of other high standards.

‘AWS 200 Certified’에 오른 베스핀글로벌…’최고레벨 AWS 공인자격 국내 최다’ 보유

Bespin Global operates a cloud engineer training system that systematically nurtures professional staff. In particular, the Avatar Program, a professional engineer training program, brings together seniors and new employees with one or more years of experience and develops the knowledge and competency needed for their work. More than 50 of Bespin Global’s 100 cloud engineers enrolled in the program.

“This logo is the basis for objectively demonstrating the competence of Bespin Global employees, and the high number of professional level qualifications is the highest number Korea” said Bespin Global. We will continue to strive for stable cloud operation of our customers by providing more professional technical support services and solutions based on the cloud technology that has been recognized by the company. ”